photo: Joke Benschop /
painting by Johannes Vermeer - The Girl with the Pearl Earring
photo: ANP Pro Shots


The Netherlands wins Eurovision Song Contest after 44 years

Congrats to Duncan Laurence for winning the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv! Did you know that this is the first Dutch victory...

Tasty appetizers: Tomato tulips

They look like flowers but every single part of this tulip is edible: cherry tomatoes with tasty cream cheese filling and chives for the...

The cutest border crossing in the world

This border crossing can be found in between De Lutte in the Netherlands and Bad Bentheim in Germany. In the old days the border...

Damrak: one of Europe’s busiest streets

Did you know that Damrak is one of Europe's busiest streets? Damrak runs from Amsterdam central station to Dam Square.

Jisp: an old whaling village

Did you know that Jisp near Purmerend is an old whaling village? During the 17th century this small community used to have its own...

Stayokay Dordrecht: a great night’s sleep in freshwater tidal wetlands

The recently renovated Stayokay Dordrecht is located on the outskirts of the oldest city of the Netherlands, and on the edge of The Biesbosch...

Starry Night bicycle path inspired by Van Gogh

Did you know that this glow-in-the-dark bicycle path is made of thousands of special stones that charge themselves in the sun and light up...

Archaeological gold mine in the heart of Amsterdam

Did you know that the construction of the North/South metro line ('Noord-Zuidlijn' in Dutch) in Amsterdam not only came with a lot of headaches,...

Sunken treasures at the Batavialand Museum

Did you know that many surprising archaeological finds have been excavated from the soils of Flevoland? Over the decades activities like constructing buildings, drainage...

Watch out for oak processionary caterpillars

From mid-May to July you may find oak trees all over the Netherlands wrapped in red-white warning tape. This is because of the oak...


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