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B.O.B. means ‘consciously sober driver’

Designated driver? In the Netherlands we call them BOB (‘Bewust Onbeschonken Bestuurder’ which translates into ‘consciously sober driver’). BOB is a person who sets a good example by staying sober and driving home his friends or family members (who did consume alcohol).

The BOB concept was introduced by the Belgian government and picked up in 2001 in the Netherlands to encourage people to select a designated driver and to influence drivers not to drive while being intoxicated. The Dutch version was launched with the slogan ‘Bob jij of Bob ik?'(Do you Bob or do I Bob?). This phrase became so popular that it was added to the best-known Dutch dictionary, the Dikke van Dale.

The campaign is repeated at least once a year, for example for the occassion of carnival or New Year’s Eve, with commercials on radio and tv and billboards along roads. During breath tests by the police the BOBs are sometimes rewarded with a BOB key chain or another goodie.

The campaign in the Netherlands has been very effective over the years. Just after the start of the campaign 4% of all motorists checked had drank too much alcohol, the number dropped down to 1.7% in 2015. Public opinion polls show that two-thirds of the Dutch say they make arrangements who stays sober and is the designated driver.


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