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mustard soup

Mustard Factory in Doesburg

Did you know that it is a must(ard) to visit the Mustard Factory when you are in Doesburg? The preparation of its mustard has...

Middelburg: important 16th century trade center

Did you know that during the 16th century Middelburg was one of the most important trade centers of the country?

National Park Schiermonnikoog

Did you know that the entire natural area of Schiermonnikoog has been a National Park since 1989? Only a few areas of this pristine island...

One of the narrowest streets in the Netherlands

Did you know that Burg. Brouwerstraat in Garnwerd (Groningen) is one of the narrowest streets in the Netherlands? Although the street is 3 meters wide...

Historical Leeuwarden

Did you know that Leeuwarden has been inhabited since the 10th century? The oldest remains of houses even date back to the 2nd century...

Pyramids in Amsterdam

Did you know that the Pyramids housing complex on Marcanti Island in Amsterdam not only refers to the Egyptian wonders of the world but...
Windmill at Fort Bourtange (Groningen)

Windmill at Fort Bourtange (Groningen)

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Blossoming fruit trees in the Betuwe

Did you know that the Betuwe (Gelderland) has many colorful orchards with fruit trees? The area is at its most beautiful during the springtime...

Larger-than-life bookcase in Amsterdam Oud-West

Did you know that each book in this giant bookcase weighs about 25kg? This artwork in Amsterdam Oud-West is part of a neighbourhood where...

Salt village Boekelo

Did you know that in Boekelo and surroundings there is a 50m thick crust of salt deep down below the ground? The first salt...