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Bronkhorst: one of the smallest cities in the Netherlands

Did you know that Bronkhorst is one of the smallest cities in the Netherlands? It is home to around 155 inhabitants, 37 listed national...

Salt village Boekelo

Did you know that in Boekelo and surroundings there is a 50m thick crust of salt deep down below the ground? The first salt...

Island hopping in the Netherlands

Did you know that you can go island hopping in the Netherlands? From May to September all 5 Dutch islands of the Wadden Sea...

Jisp: an old whaling village

Did you know that Jisp near Purmerend is an old whaling village? During the 17th century this small community used to have its own...
Heineken Experience

Sample beer at the Heineken Experience

Did you know you can see the history of Heineken beer, the full process of beer making and participate in all kinds of interactive...

One of the narrowest streets in the Netherlands

Did you know that Burg. Brouwerstraat in Garnwerd (Groningen) is one of the narrowest streets in the Netherlands? Although the street is 3 meters wide...
Did you know that 435 shipwrecks have been found in the soils of Flevoland? This makes the youngest province of the Netherlands one of the world's largest dry ship graveyards.

Sunken treasures at the Batavialand Museum

Did you know that many surprising archaeological finds have been excavated from the soils of Flevoland? Over the decades activities like constructing buildings, drainage...

Historical Leeuwarden

Did you know that Leeuwarden has been inhabited since the 10th century? The oldest remains of houses even date back to the 2nd century...
Windmill at Fort Bourtange (Groningen)

Windmill at Fort Bourtange (Groningen)

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