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One of the narrowest streets in the Netherlands

Did you know that Burg. Brouwerstraat in Garnwerd (Groningen) is one of the narrowest streets in the Netherlands? Although the street is 3 meters wide...

Salt village Boekelo

Did you know that in Boekelo and surroundings there is a 50m thick crust of salt deep down below the ground? The first salt...
Heineken Experience

Sample beer at the Heineken Experience

Did you know you can see the history of Heineken beer, the full process of beer making and participate in all kinds of interactive...

Cuypers Library inside Amsterdam’s Rijkmuseum

Did you know that the Cuypers Library (inside Rijksmuseum) is the largest public art history research library in the Netherlands? Since 1885 books, catalogues and...
The Van Gogh House in Nieuw-Amsterdam is the only public accessible building in the Netherlands where the master painter has lived and worked. You can visit Van Gogh's room. His bed is still in the same place, his art supplies and paint are ready for use. It looks like Van Gogh left for a walk and may come back any time soon.

Van Gogh House in Drenthe

On 11 September 1883 Vincent van Gogh takes a train from The Hague to Drenthe. His brother Theo sent him money for the train...
mysterious megalithic stone graves in Drenthe

The oldest monuments in the Netherlands

Did you know that 'hunebedden' are not only the oldest monuments in the Netherlands but also among Europe's oldest landmarks? These mysterious megalithic stone graves...
Marten and Oopjen

Rembrandt’s only two life-sized portraits

Did you know that tomorrow Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum welcomes Rembrandt's first and only life-sized portraits, of newly-weds Marten and Oopjen? To celebrate this monumental co-purchase (with...
Windmill at Fort Bourtange (Groningen)

Windmill at Fort Bourtange (Groningen)

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windmill Zeddam

The oldest existing windmill in the Netherlands

Did you know that the tower mill in Zeddam is the oldest existing windmill in the Netherlands? The windmill is most likely built before the...