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Albert Heijn Rijksmuseum

Dutch masterpieces on dairy cartons

Did you know that dairy cartons at supermarket chain Albert Heijn are decorated with 16 masterpieces of the newly renovated Rijksmuseum? To stimulate conversations...
raw herring

Raw herring with chopped onions

Did you know that Dutch people love to eat raw herring with chopped onions on top?
rookworst kroket Febo Hema

Febo invites Hema to conjoin their classics

Did you know that FEBO invited HEMA to conjoin both their famous meat products? The idea is to maintain the crispy breadcrumbs outside of the...
Heineken Experience

Sample beer at the Heineken Experience

Did you know you can see the history of Heineken beer, the full process of beer making and participate in all kinds of interactive...
beschuit met muisjes

‘Beschuit met muisjes’ to celebrate the arrival of a baby

Did you know that when a baby is born in the Netherlands, family and friends are treated to 'beschuit met muisjes' (literally 'biscuit with...

Chocolate consumption in the Netherlands

Did you know that the Dutch indulge in about 5kg of chocolate per year on average?
Dutch breakfast

Typical Dutch breakfast

Did you know that the Dutch prefer their breakfast light? A typical Dutch breakfast consists of bread or rusk with cold cuts, cheese, sweet...

Cheese production in the Netherlands

Did you know that the cheese production in the Netherlands is nearly 700 million kg per year? About a half is exported to more...

Bokkenpootjes: almond meringue sticks

Did you know that 'bokkenpootjes' are almond meringue sticks filled with butter icing and dipped in chocolate? The Dutch name means 'goat leg' and with...

Vinyards in the Netherlands

Did you know there are more than 100 commercial vinyards in the Netherlands, most of them in Limburg and the Achterhoek? Together they produce...


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