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The most complete list of flower parades in the Netherlands, including fruit parades, floating parades and a paper parade. All over the Netherlands!

Flower parades in the Netherlands 2018

Flower parade Bulb Region Noordwijk to Haarlem via Keukenhof The Flower Parade on Saturday 21 April spans a route of 40km from Noordwijk via Keukenhof to Haarlem. This...

A name for each windmill

Did you know that back in the days there were so many windmills in the Netherlands that in 1663 the government decided that each...
windmill Zwammerdam

Late January and early February are the coldest time of the year

Did you know that if the Dutch cold spell continues, people will be able to ice skate on flooded fields and small lakes by...

Wooden shoes in the Netherlands

Did you know that wooden shoes have been worn in the Netherlands for over 800 years? Today there is only a handful of traditional...


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