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Did you know that dairy brand Friesche Vlag adorned their cartons of coffee creamer with Dutch classic paintings?

Dutch classic paintings on the shelves

Did you know that dairy brand Friesche Vlag adorned their cartons of coffee creamer with Dutch classic paintings?  From left to right: Children of the Sea...
Rembrandt & Saskia

Rembrandt’s 411th birthday

Did you know that exactly 411 years ago today the great Rembrandt van Rijn was born? On this selfie he is depicted as the prodigal...
Cornelis de Man

Ancient foot-warming boxes

Did you know that in ancient times the Dutch survived bitter winters by using foot-warming boxes called 'stoves'? A stove is a wooden box...
painting: The Feast of Saint Nicholas by Jan Steen (c. 1668)

Sinterklaas treats in Jan Steen’s 17th century painting

Did you know that the famous Dutch painter Jan Steen already shows 'kruidnoten' (ginger nuts) in one of his paintings from 1668?
Van Gogh

Rediscovery of early work by Van Gogh

Did you know that a Dutch art dealer could not believe his luck when he rediscovered an early work by Vincent van Gogh? Van...
Frantz Charlet Volendam

Smoking kids in Volendam

Did you know that the minimum legal age to purchase tobacco products and e-cigarettes in the Netherlands is 18 years? Around the turn of...
Marten and Oopjen

Rembrandt’s only two life-sized portraits

Did you know that tomorrow Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum welcomes Rembrandt's first and only life-sized portraits, of newly-weds Marten and Oopjen? To celebrate this monumental co-purchase (with...
Brandweer Twente

Modern-day Nightwatch with Twente’s fire brigade

Did you know that part of Twente's fire brigade is portrayed as Rembrandt's Nightwatch? The commander is depicted as the central figure Captain Frans...
Panorama Mesdag

Panorama Mesdag 360° painting

Did you know that Panorama Mesdag is the largest painting in the Netherlands? The 360° painting by Hendrik Willem Mesdag (1831-1915) is more than...
Vermeer The girl with a pearl earring

Dutch Mona Lisa by Vermeer

Did you know that the painting 'The girl with a pearl earring' by Johannes Vermeer has an estimated value of €300,000,000? The painting is...