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Kerwin Duinmeijer

Kerwin Duinmeijer memorial

Today marks the 34th anniversary of Kerwin Duinmeijer's death, a 15-year old Antillean boy who was stabbed by a teenage skinhead in the center...
King Willem III

King Willem III a.k.a. King Gorilla

Did you know that King Willem III of the Netherlands (1817-1890) was dubbed King Gorilla because of his short-tempered and malicious personality? Spouses Sophie of Württemberg...

Flags at half-mast on Remembrance Day

Did you know that Dutch flags fly at half mast today from 18.00 until sunset for Remembrance of the Dead?

4 May: Remembrance Day

Did you know that today is Remembrance Day in the Netherlands? Each year on 4 May we remember all civilians and members of the armed...

American military cemetary in Margraten

Did you know that every year each of the 8,301 graves of the American military cemetary in Margraten is adopted by a Dutch family...
Dutch flag

The Dutch tricolor flag

Did you know that the Dutch flag used to be orange, white and blue? In the 17th century orange was replaced by red because the...

Mosquitos from Meppel

Did you know that according to an old myth the dome of Meppel's church tower was on fire but by the time the fire brigade...
Eighty Year War

Reenactment of the Eighty Year War

Did you know that each year on 1 April the people of Brielle reenact the capture of the fortification from the Spanish troops during...

Megalithic stone graves in Drenthe

Did you know that you can find more than 50 megalithic stone graves within a 30km radius in Drenthe? Bike or hike along a...

The catastrophic North Sea flood of 1953

Did you know that the catastrophic North Sea flood of 1953 led to the construction of the protective Delta Works? The massive flood caused by...