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John Lennon & Yoko Ono

Sleep in the same room as John & Yoko at Amsterdam Hilton

Did you know you can spend your honeymoon in the same presidential suite at the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel where John Lennon and Yoko Ono spend...

Saint Nicholas & Santa Claus

Did you know that the figure of Santa Claus is based on Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of children? Back in the 4th century...
Eighty Year War

Reenactment of the Eighty Year War

Did you know that each year on 1 April the people of Brielle reenact the capture of the fortification from the Spanish troops during...
Holambra Brazil

Holambra: Dutch heritage in Brazil’s countryside

After the devastation caused by World War II many Dutch people decided to leave their homeland. Large parts of the Netherlands had to be...
painting: The Feast of Saint Nicholas by Jan Steen (c. 1668)

Sinterklaas treats in Jan Steen’s 17th century painting

Did you know that the famous Dutch painter Jan Steen already shows 'kruidnoten' (ginger nuts) in one of his paintings from 1668?
tram The Hague

Horse-drawn tramway between The Hague and Scheveningen

Did you know that the first horse-drawn tramway in the Netherlands dates back to 1864? This service operated between The Hague and Scheveningen until...
Dutch flag

The Dutch tricolor flag

Did you know that the Dutch flag used to be orange, white and blue? In the 17th century orange was replaced by red because the...
Mata Hari

Dutch exotic dancer Mata Hari accused of spying during WWI

Did you know that Dutch exotic dancer and courtesan Mata Hari was born in Friesland but pretended to be a Javanese princess claiming to...

Schiermonnikoog World War II

Did you know that the island of Schiermonnikoog was the last part of Europe to be liberated from the German occupation after WWII? Hundreds...

Flags at half-mast on Remembrance Day

Did you know that Dutch flags fly at half mast today from 18.00 until sunset for Remembrance of the Dead?


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