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Blowing mid-winter horns to ward off evil spirits

Did you know that it is a long time tradition in parts of the rural east of the Netherlands to blow mid-winter horns between...
painting: The Feast of Saint Nicholas by Jan Steen (c. 1668)

Sinterklaas treats in Jan Steen’s 17th century painting

Did you know that the famous Dutch painter Jan Steen already shows 'kruidnoten' (ginger nuts) in one of his paintings from 1668?

Nieuw Holland and Nieuw Zeeland

Did you know that Dutch explorers named Oceania's largest landmass and the two islands to the southeast respectively Nieuw Holland and Nieuw Zeeland? Today...
1920 Olympics Antwerp

The very first Dutch individual gold medal at the Olympics

Did you know that the first Dutch individual gold medal at the Olympics was earned by Maurice Peeters (1882-1957)? The track cyclist won the gold...
New York City

New York City’s flag

Did you know that the flag of New York City is derived from the flag of the Dutch Republic, as used in 1625 when...
Enter Twente

The wooden shoe village of Overijssel

Did you know that the village of Enter is considered the 'wooden shoe village' of Overijssel? Around the turn of the 20th century the...
tram The Hague

Horse-drawn tramway between The Hague and Scheveningen

Did you know that the first horse-drawn tramway in the Netherlands dates back to 1864? This service operated between The Hague and Scheveningen until...

Medieval punishment for money forgers

Did you know that this copper kettle in Deventer was used for cooking money forgers alive in hot oil during the late Middle Ages?...
box bed

Sleeping in a box bed

Did you know that back in the days entire families slept in one and the same box bed? They were also sleeping in sitting...

Tipsy buildings in Amsterdam

Did you know that not all buildings with uneven levels in Amsterdam are slanting outwards, backwards or sideways because of the unstable swampy foundation?...