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The Hague

The very first American embassy in the world in The Hague

Did you know that the American embassy at Fluwelen Burgwal in The Hague was the very first American embassy in the world? In 1782...

Dutch in American-English language

Did you know that the arrival of Dutch immigrants in the 17th century left its marks in the American-English language? Examples: landscape (landschap), brandy (brandewijn),...

Export of agricultural products

Did you know that the Netherlands is the 3rd largest exporter of agricultural products after the USA and France?

Indonesian heritage: rijsttafel

Did you know that a rijsttafel ('rice table') is composed of many Indonesian side dishes served in small portions such as egg rolls, curries,...
Sjaak Rijke

Dutch hostage liberated after 3.5 years in Mali

Did you know that Dutchman Sjaak Rijke (54) will be reunited with his wife tonight after being held hostage by Al-Qaeda in Mali for...
Shocking Blue

Venus: the first Dutch number one hit in the USA

Did you know that Shocking Blue was the first Dutch group to score a number one hit in the USA? Not only did the...
Manon Ossevoort

Dutch Tractor Girl travels to South Africa on a tractor

Did you know that Dutch Tractor Girl Manon Ossevoort (born 1976) has travelled from the Netherlands to South Africa on a tractor? Manon started her journey...

Arrival of the first Airbus 380 on Schiphol Airport

Did you know that the first commercial flight on a double-deck Airbus 380 to the Netherlands will arrive at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol this afternoon?...
New York City

Empire State Building illuminated by Dutch lights

Did you know that Dutch electronics company Philips has been contracted to provide a new lightening system for the Empire State Building? Not only can the...
Favela Painting

Dutch artist duo brightens up Rio’s slums

Did you know that Dutch artist duo Haas&Hahn brings art to Rio de Janeiro's favelas? With their project Favela Painting slums are being renovated in...