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Treading the dew on Ascension Day

Did you know that today on Ascension Day it is a tradition to get up very early to make a bicycle tour? This is...

20% of the Netherlands consists of water

Did you know that 20% of the Netherlands consists of water? One fifth of the country has been reclaimed from the water.
rooftop farm

The first urban rooftop farm in the Netherlands

Did you know that the first urban rooftop farm in the Netherlands was introduced last spring? The vegetable garden on top of an office...
peewit eggs

Frisian tradition: finding peewit eggs

Did you know that it is a Frisian tradition to offer the first found lapwing egg to the Queen's Commissioner of Friesland? The northern...

Evacuations in Groningen due rising water levels

Did you know that in the next few hours there is a chance the dikes protecting a community in the northern province of Groningen...
cow crossing

Beware! Another cow may cross over!

Did you know that cows in Voorst (near Apeldoorn) have their very own cow crossing so they can roam safely and without the farmer's assistance between...
dog tax

Dog tax

Did you know that all dog owners in the Netherlands have to pay dog tax? The amount is set by the municipality and additional...

Dolphin born at Dolfinarium Harderwijk

Did you know that dolphin Liya gave birth to her first child at Dolfinarium Harderwijk yesterday? As soon as the newborn's gender is determined,...
Hoge Veluwe

Spot wildlife at National Park De Hoge Veluwe

Did you know you can spot several species of wildlife at National Park De Hoge Veluwe? This 55km² nature reserve consists of woodlands, heathlands...

Vondelpark in Amsterdam

Did you know that the lively Vondelpark in Amsterdam is the most famous park of the Netherlands with 10 million visitors yearly? Besides a...