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Zwientje Tikken: cultural tradition or animal abuse?

This Sunday the open Dutch championship 'Zwientje Tikken' (= 'tag the pig') will be held in the town of Luttenberg. Zwientje Tikken is a...

Seal Rehabilitation Center in Pieterburen

Did you know that the village of Pieterburen is famous for its Seal Rehabilitation Center? Since 1971 Lenie van 't Hart and her crew...

Cats and dogs in the Netherlands

Did you know there are around 3.6 million cats and 2.1 million dogs in the Netherlands? Statics show that one out of two households in...

Mingle with monkeys at Apenheul

Did you know that Apenheul was the first primate park in the world where apes and monkeys can walk around freely and mingle with...
Heavenly Hamster

Skydiving hamster in Hengelo

Did you know that yesterday 3 kids playing in the streets of Hengelo (Overijssel) were flabbergasted when a hamster wrapped in a plastic ball...
lion cub Artis Zoo

Lion cub born in Artis Zoo in Amsterdam

Did you know that last Saturday lioness Ti-Cuna gave birth to the first lion cub in Artis Zoo in Amsterdam since 6 years? Ti-Cuna...