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Muiderslot: one of the most important fortresses of Amsterdam

Did you know that the Muiderslot used to be one of the most important fortresses of Amsterdam? The castle was built around 1285 and...
Queen's Day

Queen’s Day

Did you know that as of next year there will be no Queen's Day on 30 April anymore? Starting 2014 King's Day will be...

Violinist suddenly bursting through the floor

Did you know this statue of a violin player bursting through the tiles floor of Amsterdam's city hall and opera house Stopera is made...
metro Rotterdam RET

Metro systems in the Netherlands

Did you know that Amsterdam and Rotterdam are the only Dutch cities with a metro system?
Amsterdam Damrak

Damrak: one of Europe’s busiest streets

Did you know that Damrak is one of Europe's busiest streets? Damrak runs from Amsterdam central station to Dam Square.

No urinating in canals, please

Did you know it is against the law to urinate in a canal, unless you are pregnant?

Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of Amsterdam

Did you know that Saint Nicholas is also known as the patron saint of Amsterdam?
Amsterdam Central Station

London-Amsterdam: only 4 hours by train

Did you know that the new train service from Amsterdam and Rotterdam to London will take one hour less than the current connection via...

4600 year old battle axe found in Amsterdam

Did you know that Amsterdam was officially founded 737 years ago, but has been inhabited since prehistoric times? During recent digging for metro tunnels...

Pyramids in Amsterdam

Did you know that the Pyramids housing complex on Marcanti Island in Amsterdam not only refers to the Egyptian wonders of the world but...


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