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Anne Frank

Restoration of Anne Frank’s appartment

Did you know that the apartment in which Anne Frank and her family lived from 1933 until they went into hiding in 1942 has...
Bijenkorf Amsterdam

Madness at Bijenkorf department stores

Did you know that department stores chain De Bijenkorf is famous for its annual 'Drie Dwaze Dagen' (3 crazy days) when clothing, jewelry, shoeware...

125 years of history of Verkade

Did you know that you can see 125 years of history of one of Netherlands oldest family companies at the Verkade Pavilioen which is...
Heineken Experience

Sample beer at the Heineken Experience

Did you know you can see the history of Heineken beer, the full process of beer making and participate in all kinds of interactive...

The world’s first specialized condom shop

Did you know that the world's first specialized condom shop opened its doors in 1987 in Amsterdam? Condomerie Het Gulden Vlies is located near...
Van Gogh

206 paintings by Van Gogh in Amsterdam

Did you know that you can see 206 paintings by Vincent van Gogh in Amsterdam? Click below to book your instant e-ticket to skip the...
Doutzen Kroes

Doutzen Kroes at Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam

Did you know that Dutch supermodel Doutzen Kroes (L'Oréal and Victoria's Secret) has her own wax figure at Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam?


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