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rainbow bicycles

Bicycle theft in the Netherlands

Did you know that about 700,000 bicycles are stolen in the Netherlands every year? That is more than 1 bicycle per minute. 

Unlimited travel day ticket Amsterdam

Did you know that the GVB day ticket (€7.50) provides 24 hours of unlimited travel on all 15 tram routes, 41 bus routes and...

Take tram line 2 for a beautiful ride in Amsterdam

Did you know that Amsterdam tram line 2 is considered one of the most beautiful tram rides in the world? It takes you along...

85% of the Dutch population regularly rides a bicycle

Did you know that 85% of the Dutch population regularly rides a bicycle?
shared space concept

The concept of ‘shared space’ in traffic safety

Did you know that Hans Monderman (1945-2008) from Friesland designed the concept of 'shared space' in traffic safety? This is based on the theory that...

Bicycle safety exams

Did you know that every child in the Netherlands has to pass a bicycle safety exam at primary school? The exam consists of a...
Limburg vlaai

‘Vlaai’ for obedient drivers

Did you know that the next few weeks in certain urban residential areas in Limburg drivers will be rewarded by police with a 'vlaai'...

Willem-Alexander’s unpaid job with KLM

Did you know that Prince Willem Alexander (born 1967) works as a co-pilot for KLM to get the flying hours necessary to keep up...
Dutch Railways

Over 1 million passengers a day for Dutch Railways

Did you know that NS (Dutch Railways) was founded in 1938 after 2 railway companies merged? Today NS handles over 1 million passengers a...

Arrival of the first Airbus 380 on Schiphol Airport

Did you know that the first commercial flight on a double-deck Airbus 380 to the Netherlands will arrive at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol this afternoon?...