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Did you know that 1.3 milion tourists each year find their way to the Dutch Wadden Sea Islands Texel, Terschelling, Vlieland, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog?...

Texel originally made up of two islands

Did you know that Texel was originally made up of two islands? The islands Texel and Eierland were connected by shoals until they were...

Protected nature reserve on the island of Texel

Did you know that about one third of the island of Texel is protected nature reserve?
aerial photo of Terschelling in January 2012

January 1987: a layer of 80cm of snow on Terschelling

Did you know that the thickest layer of snow ever reported in the Netherlands was on the island of Terschelling? In January 1987 the beautiful...

National Park Schiermonnikoog

Did you know that the entire natural area of Schiermonnikoog has been a National Park since 1989? Only a few areas of this pristine island...

7 reasons to visit Friesland this summer

The coastal province of Friesland, with the lowest population density of the country, is home to unique traditions and charming towns and a bustling...

Island hopping in the Netherlands

Did you know that you can go island hopping in the Netherlands? From May to September all 5 Dutch islands of the Wadden Sea...

Mudflat hiking

Did you know you can hike through mudflats and gullies from the mainland to the islands in the Wadden Sea and vice versa during...

450km of coastline

Did you know that the Netherlands has more than 450km of coastline?

The stunning island of Texel

Did you know that the stunning island of Texel is only 80 minutes by direct train plus 20 minutes by ferry away from Amsterdam...