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Flower Parade 21 April 2018 route and timetable

The Flower Parade on Saturday 21 April spans a route of 40km from Noordwijk via Keukenhof to Haarlem. This is not the only flower parade in the Netherlands, but it is the only parade with floats that are decorated with bulb flowers like hyacinths, daffodils and of course tulips. The fragrant Flower Parade (‘Bloemencorso’ in Dutch) is scheduled to pass by Keukenhof around 15.40.

Flower Parade timetable
Saturday 21 April 2018

09.30 Noordwijk departure from Koningin Wilhelmina Boulevard
11.20 Voorhout (Leidsevaart)
12.25 Sassenheim (roundabout Oosthoutlaan)

— break in Sassenheim —

Sassenheim (Hoofdstraat)
14.45 Lisse (roundabout 2e Poellaan)
15.40 Lisse Keukenhof (Westelijke Randweg)
16.20 Hillegom (N207 junction)
18.00 Bennebroek (Rijksstraatweg/Bennebroekdreef)
18.10 Bennebroek (Linnaeushof)

— break in Bennebroek —

Bennebroek (Linnaeushof/Herenweg-Prinsenlaan)
20.00 Heemstede (Herenweg)
20.45 Haarlem (Wagenweg/Westelijke Randweg N208)
21.30 Haarlem arrival at Gedempte Oude Gracht

Grandstands at the Flower Parade

There are two grandstands along the route of the Flower Parade; in Sassenheim and in Lisse. You can watch the parade from the covered stand, enjoy catering and music performances and have access to sanitary facilities. A ticket for the grandstand costs €19.50 per person excluding fees.

The parade is scheduled to reach the grandstand at Rijksstraatweg in Sassenheim around 12.15. Afterwards you can admire the floats in stationary position because the parade stops over in Sassenheim for a lunch break.

At the grandstand in Lisse you can not only enjoy the parade from your covered seat, but also enjoy a Dutch brunch buffet, take a guided walk through the bulb fields and cow fields or visit the former agricultural school. The parade is scheduled to pass by the grandstand at Heereweg in Lisse around 15.00.

Wednesday 18 April – Friday 20 April: Pre-parade decoration days

In the three days before the Flower Parade hundreds of volunteers will pierce and pin flowers to the floats. You can take a look in the massive hall in Sassenheim and see how the finishing touch is done to the floats. Location DeLeeuw Flowerbulbs Rijksstraatweg 52 2171 AM Sassenheim Opening hours Wednesday 18 April 09.00-22.00 Thursday 19 April 09.00-22.00 Friday 20 April 09.00-13.00

Friday 20 April: Illuminated parade Noordwijkerhout

16.00-20.30 floats in stationary position at Brink (parking lot), Herenweg and Dorpsstraat (White Church) 21.15 departure from Herenweg 22.00 arrival at Maandagse Wetering/Gieterij Route Herenweg, Viktoriberg, Kerkeland, Dorpsstraat, Havenstraat, Koniginneweg, Viaductweg, Kerkstraat, Wildlaan, Maandagse Wetering, Gieterij

Saturday 21 April: The day of the big Flower Parade

09.30 departure from Noordwijk (Koningin Wilhelmina Boulevard) 21.15 arrival at Haarlem (Gedempte Oude Gracht)

Sunday 22 April: Floats on display in Haarlem

time: until 17.00 location: Gedempte Oude Gracht

Future dates for the Flower Parade

Saturday 13 April 2019 Saturday 25 April 2020