The most complete list of flower parades in the Netherlands, including fruit parades, floating parades and a paper parade. All over the Netherlands!
flower parade in Sint Jansklooster | photo: RTV Oost/Marike Gerritsen

Flower parade Bulb Region
Noordwijk to Haarlem via Keukenhof

The Flower Parade on Saturday 21 April spans a route of 40km from Noordwijk via Keukenhof to Haarlem. This is not the only flower parade in the Netherlands, but it is the only spring parade with floats that are decorated with bulb flowers like hyacinths, daffodils and of course tulips. >> Read more <<

provinces: South Holland and North Holland
: Saturday 21 April (English)
theme: Culture
tickets: no ticket required, except for grandstand seats (€19.50)

Floating parade Westland

The floating parade features dozens of historic barges decorated with fresh vegetables, flowers and plants. All products come straight from the Westland region. For three days the parade navigates through the canals of the Westland and passes through i.a. The Hague, Delft, Rijkswijk and Vlaardingen.

13.00 depature from Trade Parc Westland, Honselersdijk
13.30 Oude Liermolenweg, De Lier
14.30 Korpershoek, Schipluiden
15.30 Vlaardingervaart, Schipluiden
16.45 Broekpolderpad, Vlaardingen
17.15 Emmakade, Vlaardingen
18.30 Boonervlietbrug, Maasland
19.00 arrival at Oude Veiling, Maasland
20:30-22:00 floats on display at Maassluiseweg, Maasland

11.30 departure from Trade Parc Westland, Honselersdijk
12.00 Havikshorst, Honselersdijk
12.30 Dreeslaan, Naaldwijk
13.15 Waalbrug, Naaldwijk
14.00 Poelmolenweg, ‘s-Gravenzande
15.30 Zwartendijk, Naaldwijk
16.00 Bloemenstraat, Poeldijk
16.45 De Uithof, The Hague
17.45 Lange Wateringkade, Kwintsheul
19.00 arrival at Trade Parc Westland, Honselersdijk

11.00 departure from Trade Parc Westland, Honselersdijk
11.30 Oude Liermolenweg, De Lier
12.15 De Tuinderij, Van Wijklaan, De Lier
12.45 Dorpsstraat, Schipluiden
13.30 Buitenwatersloot, Den Hoorn
14.15 Hooikade, Delft
16.00 Oostpoort, Delft
16.30 Passage Het Haantje/Sion, Rijswijk
17.00 Noordhoornseweg, Den Hoorn
17.30 Zwetkade, Wateringen
19.00 arrival at Trade Parc Westland, Honselersdijk

province: South Holland
: Friday 3 August, Saturday 4 August and Sunday 5 August (Dutch)
tickets: free

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Flower and seeds parade Welsum

Three days of party in Welsum from Friday 3 August until Sunday 5 August with tractor pulling, a family day, a fun fair, live music and the world championship darts for couples. On Saturday evening from 19.00 onwards the parade will take to the streets of Welsum. Floats are decorated with flowers and seeds.

The fairground is located between Erveweg 25 and 27, near the ferry to Olst. Free ferry crossing on Saturday night and Sunday night at 01.30am. Free parking next to the fairground.

province: Overijssel
date: Saturday 4 August (Dutch)
tickets: free

Flower parade Rijnsburg
(including Katwijk and Noordwijk)

The first parade in Rijnsburg was organized in 1946 and has taken place every year since then. The parade is made up of 12 floats with each more than 100 participants who represent the theme of the float. In addition, there are more than 50 other elements like marching bands, flowery cars and carriages.

On Friday evening you can view all the floats during the free Flower Parade opening show (location: FloraHolland, Laan van Verhof 3, 2231 BZ Rijnsburg). The parade takes place on Saturday. On Sunday you can view the floats in Noordwijk at Koningin Wilhelmina Boulevard.

province: South Holland
date: Saturday 11 August
time: Rijnsburg 13.00, Katwijk 14.00/15.00, Noordwijk 18.30 (Dutch)
theme: Around the world
spectators: 350,000+
tickets: free

Flower parade Sint Jansklooster

The parade in Sint Jansklooster, not far from Giethoorn, is going to be extra spectacular this year because of its 50th anniversary. There is an afternoon parade (starting 14.00) and an evening parade (starting 20.30), followed by a big party.

The next day, Saturday, all floats are on display. Sunday evening 19.00 a Mass will take place in the same large tent that is used for parties the previous evenings.

province: Overijssel
date: Friday 18 August
time: 14.00 afternoon parade, 20.30 evening parade (Dutch)
tickets: starting from €6.50 for adults

Flower parade Leersum

This year the annual flower parade in Leersum takes place for the 66th time. On Saturday 18 August the parade takes to the streets of Leersum twice. During the second parade the winning floats are announced. There are plenty of other activities like a fun fair and art market.

Route of the parade: Englaan, Scherpenzeelseweg, Rijksstraatweg, Lomboklaan and Koningin Julianalaan.

On Sunday all floats are on display at the Englaan, Scherpenzeelseweg and Kerkplein from 11.00 to 17.00. From 14.00 the extras will be present at the floats.

province: Utrecht
date: Saturday 18 August and Sunday 19 August (Dutch)
tickets Saturday: €6.50 (13 years and older), €2.00 (4-12 years), kids under 4 years free, supplement for grandstand tickets at Scherpenzeelseweg €8.00 per person
tickets Sunday: €3.00 (kids under 12 years free)

Flower parade Winterswijk

The flower parade in Winterswijk is part of the annual celebrations in Winterswijk. The celebrations of Volksfeest Winterswijk are a living tradition, passed on from generation to generation. Volksfeest Winterswijk is listed in the National Inventory for Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Netherlands.

Both on Friday 24 August and Saturday 25 August the parade kicks off at 10.00am.

Friday route: Municipal office, Stationsstraat, Dingstraat, Zonnebrink, Vredensestraat, Singelweg, Peperbus, Groenloseweg, Haitsma Mulierweg and Gasthuisstraat.

Saturday route: Municipal office, Stationsstraat, Dingstraat, Zonnebrink, Laan van Hilbelink, Hortensialaan, Kloetenseweg, Acacialaan, Vredenseweg, Singelweg, Peperbus, Groenloseweg and the Tricot grounds.

On Saturday after the parade and on Sunday, the floats are on display at the Tricot grounds. On Saturday evening the floats will be illuminated.

province: Gelderland
date: Friday 24 August and Saturday 25 August (Dutch)
tickets: free

Flower parade Vollenhove

The flower parade takes to picturesque city center of Vollenhave twice; once in the afternoon and again in the evening. Since 2013 Vollenhove’s flower parade is listed in the National Inventory for Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Netherlands. In the days leading up to the flower parade several activities take place such as a bouncing castle festival for kids, the election of the Dahlia Princess and the presentation of the new Dahlia Queen.

Schedule for Saturday 25 August
10.00 kids parade
13.00 warming up with street orchestras
14.00 afternoon parade
16.45 tattoo (location: sports field)
19.30 warming up with street orchestras
19.45 award ceremony (location: roundabout Weg van Rollecate)
20.30 evening parade
22.00 party time in the big tent

province: Overijssel
date: Saturday 25 August (Dutch)
tickets: €8.00 (adults), €13.00 (combi ticket for both the afternoon and evening parade), €5.00 (4-17 years), supplement for grandstand starting from €4.00

Flower parade Eelde

The first time the flower parade in Eelde took place was in 1957. Eversince it has grown into one of the largest annual outdoor events in Drenthe with around 50,000 visitors. The parade is also listed in the National Inventory for Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Netherlands. The event is entirely run by over 3,000 volunteers.

On Saturday 1 September you can enjoy the parade with floats and marching bands. The parade starts at 14.30. In the evening there is an award ceremony for the best floats, live music and a fireworks display at 22.30.

The theme for 2018 is ‘Festivals of the World’. On the website of the Bloemencorso Eelde you can already have a sneak peek of the float designs. Think Carnival in Rio, Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras and Oktoberfest.

The floats are on display on Sunday 2 September. From 14.00 to 16.00 the extras are present on the floats. You can also enjoy the corso fair with local products, handicrafts, live music, food trucks and more. Both days require an entrance ticket to the fairgrounds.

province: Drenthe
date: Saturday 1 September and Sunday 2 September (Dutch)
tickets: €3.50 per day, €6.00 for both days, kids under 12 years free, grandstand on Saturday €10.00

Flower parade Zundert

Twenty enormous floats with moving parts and special effects cruise the streets of Zundert, also known as Vincent van Gogh‘s old hometown. Each float is covered with half a million of dahlias.

The flower parade of Zundert is the world’s largest flower parade, and entirely carried out by volunteers. For months on end volunteers, young and old, are working on the floats so they can shine on corso Sunday. The floats compete against each other and are judged by a professional jury.

This year is the 82nd edition of Corso Zundert. To make sure the exuberant floats can still navigate through the streets, the organisation has limited the floats to a maximum of 9 meters high and 19 meters long.

On Sunday after the parade and on Monday, the floats are display at the CLTV terrain at the Molenstraat. At night the floats are illuminated by lights. The parade is broadcasted live on Omroep Brabant.

Fun fact
Did you know that no tractors are used to move the floats? Volunteers are pushing the floats through the streets of Zundert.

province: North Brabant
date: Sunday 2 September (English)
tickets: €9.00 (kids under 12 years free)

Flower parade Beltrum

province: Gelderland
date: Sunday 2 September (Dutch)
tickets: free

Flower parade Elim

province: Drenthe
: Saturday 8 September
tickets: ?

Flower parade Lichtenvoorde

province: Gelderland
date: Sunday 9 September (English)
tickets: €7.50 (kids under 16 years free)

Flower parade Valkenswaard

province: North Brabant
date: Sunday 9 September (English)
theme: Zo! Corso
tickets: free

Fruit parade Tiel

province: Gelderland
date: Saturday 15 September (Dutch)
tickets: no ticket required, except for the grandstands

Flower parade Voorthuizen

province: Gelderland
date: Saturday 15 September (Dutch)
tickets: free

Paper parade Appingedam

province: Groningen
date: Saturday 15 September (Dutch)
theme: Toys
tickets: ?

Flower parade Drogeham

province: Friesland
date: Friday 21 September and Saturday 22 September (Dutch)
tickets: ?

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