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Hortus Bulborum: Unique spring flower garden

The Hortus Bulborum is the only bulb garden in the world with more than 4,000 different varieties of tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and other colorful spring flowers. Every spring the outdoor garden of Hortus Bulborum is a feast for the eyes and a pleasure for the nose.

Bulbous plants which are hardly commercially interesting anymore are preserved in this garden for posterity. Many varieties date back to before 1900 and can only be found in historical collections of bulbous plants. Growers and breeders come to Hortus Bulborum to find interesting genetic material to breed new varieties.

The collection of Hortus Bulborum includes more than 4,00 different species, including 2,600 tulips, 1,100 daffodils, 130 hyacinths and 110 crocus varieties.

The oldest species of tulips in Hortus Bulborum

The oldest tulip in the extensive collection of Hortus Bulborum dates back to 1595. This tulip is named ‘Duc van Tol Red and Yellow’. The petals of this red tulip has yellow margins.

Knowledgable volunteers at Hortus Bulborum

If you have any questions, you can address one of the volunteers in the garden. Many of them used to work in the bulb trade and have a lot of knowledge about bulb cultivation in general the the history of Hortus Bulborum in particular. Some tour guides speak one or more foreign languages like English, German, French and Italian. Groups of 10 people or more can book a tour guide in advance.

Adopt a tulip

To support the work of Hortus Bulborum you can sponsor a tulip species, or another bulb plant. Around 100 species have been adopted already. The cost for sponsoring is €70 per year, with a minimum of 3 years. This includes unlimited free admission for two people, and a sign with your name and location are added to the information display of your tulip species.


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Opening hours
Friday 6 April to Wednesday 16 May 2018
Monday to Saturday 10.00-17.00
Sunday 12.00-17.00

Admission fees
regular ticket €5
seniors 65+ €3.50
groups of 10 people or more €3.50
seasonal ticket €10
free admission for children under 12 accompanied by an adult

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Location Hortus Bulborum
Zuidkerkenlaan 23A
1906 AC Limmen

How to get there by public transport

Option 1

Take a train to Castricum in North Holland (about 30 minutes from Amsterdam central station). From Castricum station take bus 167 in the direction of Alkmaar. This bus takes 14 minutes but only departs once or twice an hour. Get off at Limmen at the Limmerbuurt bus stop.

From there you walk 80 meter southbound along the main road. Enter the first street on your left hand side, the Zuidkerkenlaan. From there Hortus Bulborum is signposted and only a few minutes on foot.

Option 2

Take a train to Castricum. From Castricum station take bus 79 in the direction of Castricum Soomerwegh. This bus line doesn’t have a frequent schedule either. Get off at the last stop Castricum Soomerwegh.

From there it is about a 2km walk to Hortus Bulborum. Walk northbound along Soomerwegh and turn right on Zeeweg. Continue walking on Zeeweg and turn left on Rijksweg N203. Turn right on Zuidkerkenlaan. You will find the entrance to Hortus Bulborum on your left hand side.