Joy Denalane Köln 2017
photo: © 2017 Heavenly Holland


On Wednesday 26 April 2017 the German Queen of Soul Joy Denalane and her live band hit the stage at E-Werk in Cologne, Germany. Around 1200 people enjoyed the nearly two hour long live show. Joy sang songs from her new album Gleisdreieck but also many older songs like ‘Kinderlied’, ‘Heaven or hell’ and ‘Niemand’.


‘Kinderlied’ – ‘Vorsichtig sein’ – ‘Was auch immer’



01:05 “Aber natürlich glaube ich an die Liebe”
(= but of course I believe in love)


Tribute to her daughter ‘Elli Lou’

“Wenn sie dabei ist weiß man nie was noch passiert”
(= when she’s there, you never know what is going to happen)