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Most popular baby names of 2017

The Dutch Social Insurance Bank (SVB) has released a list of the most popular baby names of 2017.

SVB is the agency that pays the child benefit in the Netherlands. Child benefit (‘kinderbijslag’ in Dutch) is money from the government towards the expenses of raising a child. The amount depends on the child’s age (e.g. €244.13 quarterly per child aged 6 to 11 years).

In 2017 almost 170,000 babies were born in the Netherlands; 86,718 boys and 82,568 girls. Last year, 755 girls were named Emma and 635 boys were named Noah. In 2016 Daan and Anna were the most popular baby names and in 2015 Liam and -just like this year- Emma were on top of the list.

Per province there are striking differences. Jesse and Lieke are on top of the list in Friesland, while Jan and Johanna are the most popular names in Zeeland.

Overseas inspiration

When choosing a beautiful name for baby girls, Dutch parents are often influenced by American and English names. No less than 7 girl names from the Top 10’s of these countries are also very high in the Dutch list; Emma, Sophie, Anna, Mila, Sara, Eva and Zoë

For baby boys typical Dutch names remain popular; Sem, Daan, Bram and Luuk. Short names with only one syllable are also popular for Dutch baby boys.

Without further ado, here are the most popular names for boys and girls in 2017:

Most popular baby names for boys in 2017

1. Noah
2. Sem
3. Lucas
4. Finn
5. Daan
6. Levi
7. Milan
8. Bram
9. Luuk
10. Jesse
11. Liam
12. Mees
13. Thomas
14. Sam
15. Thijs
16. Adam
17. James
18. Max
19. Noud
20. Julian

Most popular baby names for girls in 2017

1. Emma
2. Tess
3. Sophie
4. Julia
5. Anna
6. Mila
7. Sara
8. Eva
9. Zoë
10. Evi
11. Lotte
12. Liv
13. Nora
14. Fleur
15. Olivia
16. Noor
17. Lynn
18. Saar
19. Lauren
20. Yara