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Mosquitos from Meppel

Did you know that according to an old myth the dome of Meppel's church tower was on fire but by the time the fire brigade...

Megalithic stone graves in Drenthe

Did you know that you can find more than 50 megalithic stone graves within a 30km radius in Drenthe? Bike or hike along a...

Wolves return to the Netherlands

Did you know that the very first wolf in the Netherlands in over a century has been spotted several times during this sunny weekend? The...

Zurich, Turkeye and Californië in the Netherlands

Did you know that some townships and hamlets in the Netherlands go by names such as Egypte, Siberië, Palestina, Turkeye, Bethlehem, Zurich, Californië and...

Memorial Center at Camp Westerbork

Did you know that this month it is 30 years ago that the Memorial Center at Camp Westerbork opened as a permanent reminder of...

Americas in the Netherlands

Did you know there are two Americas in the Netherlands? There is a town called America with a couple of thousand inhabitants in the...


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