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wooden shoe

The world’s largest wooden shoe has gone missing

Did you know the world's largest wooden shoes (4 meter in length and 2 tons in weight) was stolen from the Clog Museum in...
flower parade

Flower parade

Did you know that today's flower parade spans a route of 40km from Noordwijk via Keukenhof to Haarlem? The floats of the 69th edition...

Treading the dew on Ascension Day

Did you know that today on Ascension Day it is a tradition to get up very early to make a bicycle tour? This is...

Wooden shoes in the Netherlands

Did you know that wooden shoes have been worn in the Netherlands for over 800 years? Today there is only a handful of traditional...
Doesburger Windmill

The oldest windmill in the Netherlands

Did you know the oldest still existing Dutch windmill dates back to around 1630? The Doesburgermolen is located in between Ede and Lunteren. Address: Doesburgermolenweg 2 6718...

The world’s first heated bicycle lane in Enschede

Did you know that the world's first heated bicycle lane may likely be installed in Enschede? Geo-thermal energy will be used to prevent ice...

Floating roundabout for bicycles in Eindhoven

Did you know that you can find a floating roundabout for bicycles in Eindhoven? More info: https://hovenring.com/