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Herman Brood

Herman Brood 10th death anniversary

Today marks the 10th anniversary of painter and rock'n'roll-junkie Herman Brood commiting suicide by jumping from the roof of Hilton Amsterdam. Widow Xandra, their three daughters...
Johan Cruijff

Football legend Johan Cruijff passes away at the age 68

Did you know that today football legend Johan Cruijff passed away at the age of 68 after losing the battle with cancer? Cruijff is considered...
rusk with chocolate sprinkles

Strange habit of Dutch holidaymakers

Did you know that Dutch holidaymakers are notorious for bringing Dutch groceries when traveling abroad? Some cannot survive without Dutch peanut butter, liquorice, hagelslag,...
Martine Balster

The tallest woman in the Netherlands

Did you know that Martine Balster is the tallest woman (2.05m) in the Netherlands? Although she outgrew her father (1.98m) she is still shorter...
Pauline Musters

The shortest woman of all times

Did you know that the shortest woman ever is Pauline Musters from the Netherlands? She was born in 1876 and measured 30cm at birth. When...
Librije Zwolle

Gourmand World Cookbook Award for Dutch top chef

Did you know that Dutch top chef Jonnie Boer and his wife Thérèse have won the Gourmand World Cookbook Award at the Paris Cookbook...
Manon Ossevoort

Dutch Tractor Girl travels to South Africa on a tractor

Did you know that Dutch Tractor Girl Manon Ossevoort (born 1976) has travelled from the Netherlands to South Africa on a tractor? Manon started her journey...
tall Dutch people

Dutch people are tall

Did you know that Dutch people are among the tallest in the world with an average height of 184cm for men and 172cm for...

Dutch senior collects over 6000 airline sick bags

Did you know that Dutch senior Niek Vermeulen collected over 6000 different sick bags from more than 1000 airlines? He started collecting barf bags...


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