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Dunkirk 2017

Hollywood blockbuster scenes shot on IJsselmeer near Urk

Did you know that some combat scenes of the new blockbuster Dunkirk were shot on the Dutch IJsselmeer near Urk? This includes some of...
Walibi Goliath

The fastest, highest and longest roller coaster in the Benelux

Did you know that the fastest, highest and longest roller coaster in the Benelux can be found at Walibi Holland theme park in Flevoland? The...

Baby folktale from Urk

Did you know that according to a folktale babies in Urk are not brought by a stork or grown in a cabbage patch, but...

Vlaggetjesdag in Urk

Did you know that coming Saturday is 'Vlaggetjesdag' (Flag Day) in Urk? The fishing village in Flevoland celebrates the arrival of the first harvest...
Batavia Lelystad

Replica of the shipwrecked Batavia

Did you know you can visit a replica of the Batavia ship in Lelystad? The original ship was built in 1628 but was shipwrecked...

Flevoland: the youngest province of the Netherlands

Did you know that Flevoland, the 12th province of the Netherlands, was reclaimed from the Zuiderzee? Not only is Flevoland the youngest province of...


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