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The first person to ride a bicycle in Bali

Did you know that the first person to ride a bicycle in Bali was Dutch artist W.O.J. Nieuwenkamp? Around 1900 he traveled around the...
Favela Painting

Dutch artist duo brightens up Rio’s slums

Did you know that Dutch artist duo Haas&Hahn brings art to Rio de Janeiro's favelas? With their project Favela Painting slums are being renovated in...

We love Máxima

Did you know that the Argentinians love Queen Máxima so much that they decorate Dutch passports with a 'We Love Máxima' stamp at National Park...
Sjaak Rijke

Dutch hostage liberated after 3.5 years in Mali

Did you know that Dutchman Sjaak Rijke (54) will be reunited with his wife tonight after being held hostage by Al-Qaeda in Mali for...

Maple Leaf and Tulip Day

Did you know there are plans to introduce the 'Maple Leaf and Tulip Day' on 5 May as a public holiday in Canada to...
Chief Nana Okrukata V

Ghanaian chief orders 10,000 pairs of clogs

Did you know that Chief Nana Okrukata V from Ghana ordered 10,000 pairs of wooden shoes to promote his political party for next year's...

Export of agricultural products

Did you know that the Netherlands is the 3rd largest exporter of agricultural products after the USA and France?
Shanghai Disney Resort

A bit of Giethoorn in China

Did you know that a part of the Shanghai Disney Resort will be inspired on Giethoorn? This is the first Disney park in mainland...
The Hague

The very first American embassy in the world in The Hague

Did you know that the American embassy at Fluwelen Burgwal in The Hague was the very first American embassy in the world? In 1782...

Americas in the Netherlands

Did you know there are two Americas in the Netherlands? There is a town called America with a couple of thousand inhabitants in the...