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Serious Request

Serious Request 2012 in Enschede

Did you know that tonight three popular radio deejays are being locked up in a glass house in Enschede to collect money for charity? The...
Wissink's Möl in Usselo

Windmills in the Netherlands

Did you know that there are nearly 1200 windmills in the Netherlands?
floating cattle

Floating cows

Did you know that even cows are being transported by boat in Giethoorn?

Zwientje Tikken: cultural tradition or animal abuse?

This Sunday the open Dutch championship 'Zwientje Tikken' (= 'tag the pig') will be held in the town of Luttenberg. Zwientje Tikken is a...

Easter bonfire

Did you know that the tallest Easter bonfire in the world can be found in the township of Espelo in Overijssel? Since November last...

Medieval punishment for money forgers

Did you know that this copper kettle in Deventer was used for cooking money forgers alive in hot oil during the late Middle Ages?...

Mysterious Easter tradition in Ootmarsum

Did you know that 'Vlöggeln' is a mysterious Easter tradition in picturesque Ootmarsum? Eight local bachelors called 'Poaskearls' ('Easter Lads') dressed in trenchcoats and fedora...
ice hotel

The Netherlands’ first ice hotel

Did you know that the Netherlands' first ice hotel opened its doors yesterday? During the Ice Sculpture Festival (3 December - 29 January) in...


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