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Ice skating tour in Giethoorn

Did you know that you can take part in an 25km ice skating tour in Giethoorn tomorrow? About 10,000 ice skaters are expected tomorrow. If...

The world’s first heated bicycle lane in Enschede

Did you know that the world's first heated bicycle lane may likely be installed in Enschede? Geo-thermal energy will be used to prevent ice...
ice skating

Elfstedentocht 1963: ‘The Hell of 1963’

Did you know that only 1% of the ice skaters of the Elfstedentocht ('Eleven Cities Tour') on 18 January 1963 reached the finish due...
windmill Zwammerdam

Late January and early February are the coldest time of the year

Did you know that if the Dutch cold spell continues, people will be able to ice skate on flooded fields and small lakes by...
Zuidlaardermeer by Tom Dijkema

1963: The coldest winter of the century

Did you know that the winter of 1963 was the coldest winter of the century in the Netherlands? During the months December, January and February...
Dom Utrecht

Dom Tower in Utrecht

Did you know that you can climb 465 steps to the top of the Dom Tower for an amazing view over the city of...
windmills Kinderdijk

Winter fun on frozen rivers, lakes and canals

Did you know that no less than an estimated 1,000,000 people enjoyed the Dutch frozen rivers, lakes and canals yesterday? Today may be the...


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