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Bolus from Zeeland

Did you know that 'bolus' is a sweet cinnamon pastry originating from the province of Zeeland? The first bolus rolls were made by Jewish bakers...

Women in traditional dress in Arnemuiden

Did you know that Arnemuiden in Zeeland is one of the few places where traditional dresses are still worn daily by some local women?

Middelburg: important 16th century trade center

Did you know that during the 16th century Middelburg was one of the most important trade centers of the country?

The catastrophic North Sea flood of 1953

Did you know that the catastrophic North Sea flood of 1953 led to the construction of the protective Delta Works? The massive flood caused by...
Middelburg abbey

12th century abbey in Middelburg

Did you know that the abbey in Middelburg dates back the the 12th century? Since 1972 part of the complex houses the Zeeuws Museum with...