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American military cemetary in Margraten

Did you know that every year each of the 8,301 graves of the American military cemetary in Margraten is adopted by a Dutch family...

The Netherlands at its narrowest point

Did you know that it only takes one hour (4.8km) to walk from Belgium to Germany crossing the narrowest of part of the Netherlands?

Valkenburg Castle

Did you know that Valkenburg Castle is the only elevated castle in the Netherlands? The castle was built during the 11th century and destroyed...

Maastricht and Nijmegen; former Roman towns

Did you know that Nijmegen (Noviomagus) and Maastricht (Mosae Trajectum) were notable Roman towns during the Roman Empire (55 BC to 410 AD)?

Vlaai: pastry tart from the southern province of Limburg

Did you know that 'vlaai' (pronounced as 'fly') is a typically pastry tart from the southern province of Limburg? Vlaai comes in many varieties; with...

Kick-off of the asparagus season

Did you know that today is the kick-off of the asparagus season? The largest asparagus ever (311cm) can be seen at the Dutch National...
Windmill 'Sint Jan' in Stramproy (Limburg)

Windmill ‘Sint Jan’ in Stramproy (Limburg)

Address: Molenweg 16 6039 RH Stramproy

20 stamps for a free bag of weed

Did you know that the Dutch art of collecting stamps and points goes beyond groceries and gas stations? A drug dealer in Heerlen (Limburg)...
Limburg vlaai

‘Vlaai’ for obedient drivers

Did you know that the next few weeks in certain urban residential areas in Limburg drivers will be rewarded by police with a 'vlaai'...