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Valkenburg Castle

Did you know that Valkenburg Castle is the only elevated castle in the Netherlands? The castle was built during the 11th century and destroyed...
Limburg vlaai

‘Vlaai’ for obedient drivers

Did you know that the next few weeks in certain urban residential areas in Limburg drivers will be rewarded by police with a 'vlaai'...

Highest point in the Netherlands

Did you know that Vaalserberg is the highest point in the European part of the Netherlands? This is also where the borders of the...


Did you know that the Pinkpop Festival in Limburg is held annually over the Pentecost weekend since 1970? Every year the 3-day festival is...
Queen's Day

Queen’s Day 2011

Today Queen's Day is celebrated in the Netherlands. From Amsterdam to even the smallest village, the entire country and its population colors orange. Thousands...

Golden Jubilee year of the Maastricht Conservatory

Did you know that 250 church bells and 4 carrilons will sounds over Maastricht on Friday 27 January at 11.30am to kick off the...

Kick-off of the asparagus season

Did you know that today is the kick-off of the asparagus season? The largest asparagus ever (311cm) can be seen at the Dutch National...

Americas in the Netherlands

Did you know there are two Americas in the Netherlands? There is a town called America with a couple of thousand inhabitants in the...
Windmill 'Sint Jan' in Stramproy (Limburg)

Windmill ‘Sint Jan’ in Stramproy (Limburg)

Address: Molenweg 16 6039 RH Stramproy
Windmill 'St Anna' in Weert (Limburg)

Windmill ‘St Anna’ in Weert (Limburg)

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