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Claude Monet

French painter Monet in the Netherlands

Did you know that French painter Claude Monet and his family spent a few months in Amsterdam and Zaandam in 1871? In this period...
Marten and Oopjen

Rembrandt’s only two life-sized portraits

Did you know that tomorrow Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum welcomes Rembrandt's first and only life-sized portraits, of newly-weds Marten and Oopjen? To celebrate this monumental co-purchase (with...
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Schiphol Airport 4.5 metres below sea level

Did you know that when your plane arrives at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, it lands 4.5 metres below sea level?
flower parade

Flower parade

Did you know that today's flower parade spans a route of 40km from Noordwijk via Keukenhof to Haarlem? The floats of the 69th edition...

Free tours of Amsterdam diamond factories

Did you know that you can take a free tour of one of Amsterdam's diamond factories? A guide will take you on a tour...

450km of coastline

Did you know that the Netherlands has more than 450km of coastline?
Heineken Experience

Sample beer at the Heineken Experience

Did you know you can see the history of Heineken beer, the full process of beer making and participate in all kinds of interactive...
Gregory van der Wiel

Amsterdam’s male population ranked among the sexiest in the world

Did you know that Amsterdam's male population is ranked among the sexiest in the world? According to Travels Digest the best looking men can...