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The stunning island of Texel

Did you know that the stunning island of Texel is only 80 minutes by direct train plus 20 minutes by ferry away from Amsterdam...

Amsterdam beats Venice in the number of bridges

Did you know that Amsterdam surpasses the amount of bridges in Venice considerably? There are 409 bridges crossing Venice's canals while Amsterdam has over 1,500...
Twiske Windmill in Landsmeer (north of Amsterdam)

Windmill decapitated during a whirlwind

Did you know that today the windmill of Twiske near Amsterdam was decapitated during a whirlwind? The 23,000kg cap and sails were blown away...
BustArt & Zaira

Street art by BustArt & Zaira in Amsterdam

BustArt & Zaira location: Haarlemmerstraat (Amsterdam)

Controversial statue pushed over by crane truck

The controversial statue of Jan Pieterszoon Coen (1587-1629) in the city of Hoorn has been accidentally pushed over by a crane truck today. The...
Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam reopens after 10-year renovation

Did you know that the State Museum (Rijksmuseum) in Amsterdam opens its doors today after a 10-year renovation? The museum exhibits over 8,000 objects...

Texel originally made up of two islands

Did you know that Texel was originally made up of two islands? The islands Texel and Eierland were connected by shoals until they were...

Vondelpark in Amsterdam

Did you know that the lively Vondelpark in Amsterdam is the most famous park of the Netherlands with 10 million visitors yearly? Besides a...


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