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Blowing mid-winter horns to ward off evil spirits

Did you know that it is a long time tradition in parts of the rural east of the Netherlands to blow mid-winter horns between...
Concordia Film | Theater | Beeldende Kunst

The most welcoming theatre of the Netherlands

Did you know that Concordia was recently announced as the most welcoming theatre of the Netherlands? This intimate theatre in the heart of Enschede...
Enter Twente

The wooden shoe village of Overijssel

Did you know that the village of Enter is considered the 'wooden shoe village' of Overijssel? Around the turn of the 20th century the...

Salt village Boekelo

Did you know that in Boekelo and surroundings there is a 50m thick crust of salt deep down below the ground? The first salt...
Brandweer Twente

Modern-day Nightwatch with Twente’s fire brigade

Did you know that part of Twente's fire brigade is portrayed as Rembrandt's Nightwatch? The commander is depicted as the central figure Captain Frans...
Kroezeboom Fleringen

Kroezeboom in Twente

Did you know that the Kroezeboom near Fleringen (Overijssel) is one of the oldest oak trees in the Netherlands? Once upon a time holy...


Did you know that the tiny city of Ootmarsum is known for its high concentration of outdoor sculptures, galleries and museums? The narrow cobblestone...

Grolsch 400th anniversary

Did you know that Grolsch brewery was founded exactly 400 years ago today? Proost!
University of Twente

University of Twente

Did you know that the University of Twente is the only campus university in the Netherlands? The international community of students and staff live,...

Mysterious Easter tradition in Ootmarsum

Did you know that 'Vlöggeln' is a mysterious Easter tradition in picturesque Ootmarsum? Eight local bachelors called 'Poaskearls' ('Easter Lads') dressed in trenchcoats and fedora...