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Here is a little help on choosing the perfect hotel room

The rise of online booking has made finding hotels easier than ever. Everybody has different demands and expectations and with a bit of research, it is possible to book the perfect room to suit your every need.


1. Book as early as possible

There is nothing worse than leaving booking to the last minute and finding out your dream hotel sold out weeks ago. Most reservations at Booking.com can be cancelled free of charge until a few days before arrival, so it is always worth booking early, even if you think you might change your mind.

2. Read reviews

Booking.com has over millions of verified reviews written by people who have stayed in a hotel and these opinions can be a great source of information. Hotels with high scores are worth looking into, but it is important to read the reviews and see what other guests particularly liked and disliked.

3. Choose your location wisely

The location of a hotel is something which is pretty important for an enjoyable stay. Find out where you want to go and what you want to do and research how far away it is from the hotel. What may seem like a great bargain may be a hotel in an area from where you have to take long bus or train rides to get anywhere. This is a waste of your money and your time.
Tip: Booking.com has a handy map to compare locations.

4. Services and facilities

Find out whether the hotel charges you for particular services and facilities such as wifi, room service, parking, breakfast, fitness center, bicycle rent and laundry service.