funfair kermis Amsterdam
photo: ANP

Did you know that a travelling funfair (‘kermis in Dutch’) pitches up twice a year in the heart of Amsterdam at Dam Square?

The outdoor funfair has a mix of attractions, from thrill rides to family friendly attractions and food stalls with candy floss, poffertjes and oliebollen. Take a ride on the ferris wheel for a bird’s eye view of the capital.

The permission for the funfair on Amsterdam’s Dam Square is valid until 2018 and will not be renewed. This means that as of 2019 no funfairs will be held at Dam Square anymore. This is one of the measurements to reduce noise pollution and traffic in the city center of Amsterdam.

The next fair is held from Saturday 14 to Sunday 29 October 2017.

Opening hours of the fairground
Saturday 14 October 11:00-00:00
Sunday 15 October 11:00-23:00
Monday 16 October 11:00-23:00
Tuesday 17 October 11:00-23:00
Wednesday 18 October 11:00-23:00
Thursday 19 October 11:00-23:00
Friday 20 October 11:00-00:00
Saturday 21 October 11:00-00:00
Sunday 22 October 11:00-23:00
Monday 23 October 11:00-23:00
Tuesday 24 October 11:00-23:00
Wednesday 25 October 11:00-23:00
Thursday 26 October 11:00-23:00
Friday 27 October 11:00-00:00
Saturday 28 October 11:00-00:00
Sunday 29 October 11:00-23:00

Update 2018

As of 2018 the biyearly funfair is no longer taking place at Amsterdam’s Dam Square.

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