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Dutch Royal Family 2018 photo: Erwin Olaf

We love Máxima

Did you know that the Argentinians love Queen Máxima so much that they decorate Dutch passports with a 'We Love Máxima' stamp at National Park...

Asparagus for Queen Beatrix’ farewell dinner

Did you know that Dutch asparagus are part of the menu of the farewell dinner that Queen Beatrix is hosting at Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum tonight?

Royal Palace overlooking Dam Square in Amsterdam

Did you know that the 17th century Royal Palace overlooking Dam Square in Amsterdam is used by King Willem-Alexander for official functions and to entertain...

Queen Wilhelmina’s critical illness

Did you know that in the early 20th century the Netherlands nearly became part of Germany? In 1902 queen Wilhelmina became critically ill with...

Willem-Alexander’s unpaid job with KLM

Did you know that Prince Willem Alexander (born 1967) works as a co-pilot for KLM to get the flying hours necessary to keep up...
Willem-Alexander Maxima

Willem-Alexander & Máxima 10-year anniversary

Did you know that prince Willem-Alexander and princess Máxima are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary today? In the past decade the couple has been blesssed...

Swimming in Amsterdam’s canals to raise awareness for ALS

Did you know that over 1000 brave people took a swim today in Amsterdam's canals to raise awareness and funds for the incurable motor-neuron...
Willem Alexander

Willem-Alexander: the first Dutch king in 123 years

Did you know that Willem-Alexander is the first Dutch king in 123 years? Since 1890 Emma, Wilhelmina, Juliana and Beatrix have been Queens of the...

Dutch tree-hugging princess

Did you know that when Princess Irene of the Netherlands published her book 'Dialogue with Nature' in 1995, she was misunderstood by Dutch media...
left to right: Queen Wilhelmina, Princess Juliana, Prince Bernhard and Armgard von Cramm (Bernard's mother) on their wedding day 7 January 1937

Three months honeymoon for Juliana and Bernhard

Did you know that Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhard went on a 3-months lasting honeymoon? After they went skiing in Poland, the newlyweds continued to...