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Dutch Royal Family 2018 photo: Erwin Olaf

Wilhelmina: the youngest queen of the Netherlands

Did you know that Queen Wilhelmina (1880-1962) was the youngest (18 years) and longest reigning queen (57 years) of the Netherlands?

Queen Wilhelmina’s critical illness

Did you know that in the early 20th century the Netherlands nearly became part of Germany? In 1902 queen Wilhelmina became critically ill with...
NLdoet ('NL Does') is the largest volunteering event in the Netherlands. All over the country hundreds of thousands of people, including royals, celebrities and politicians set a good example by pitching in and doing social volunteer work. They roll up their sleeves at community centers, petting zoos, nursing homes and the like.

King Willem-Alexander making pancakes for the elderly

Today King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima volunteered at the former nursing home 't Hofland in Pijnacker (in between The Hague and Rotterdam). The elderly...

Royal Palace overlooking Dam Square in Amsterdam

Did you know that the 17th century Royal Palace overlooking Dam Square in Amsterdam is used by King Willem-Alexander for official functions and to entertain...

Dutch tree-hugging princess

Did you know that when Princess Irene of the Netherlands published her book 'Dialogue with Nature' in 1995, she was misunderstood by Dutch media...

Princess Amalia’s first day of high school

Did you know that today is Princess Amalia's first day of high school?

Queen Máxima loves ‘kroketten’

Did you know that Queen Máxima likes listening to DJ Armin van Buuren and enjoys eating 'kroketten'?Today is Máxima's 45th birthday. Congrats and many...

Beatrix’ hairdo resembles two lion paws

Did you know that Queen Beatrix (1938) has been sporting the same hairstyle ever since she was a teenager?Her majesty's hairdo was designed by...

Coronation robe dates back to 1815

Did you know that the ermine mantle that Willem-Alexander will wear during his coronation dates back to 1815?This is the same coronation mantle that...

Willem-Alexander’s unpaid job with KLM

Did you know that Prince Willem Alexander (born 1967) works as a co-pilot for KLM to get the flying hours necessary to keep up...


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