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The world’s first heated bicycle lane in Enschede

Did you know that the world's first heated bicycle lane may likely be installed in Enschede? Geo-thermal energy will be used to prevent ice...

Blue road in Drachten

Did you know that 1km of road in Drachten was painted blue in 2007 to symbolise an old waterway that was paved over the...

Floating roundabout for bicycles in Eindhoven

Did you know that you can find a floating roundabout for bicycles in Eindhoven? More info:

DAF; as fast in reverse as they drive forward

Did you know that the first DAF passenger car was introduced in 1958? DAF Variomatic cars are legendary for the fact that they go...

Fewer traffic accidents on Friday the 13th

Did you know that according to statistics fewer traffic accidents happen in the Netherlands on Friday the 13th compared to other Fridays?

Schiphol’s busiest day of the year

Did you know that today is the busiest day of the year at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol? Over 177,000 departing, arriving and transfering passengers are...

Schiphol; Europe’s best airport

Did you know that Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has been named Europe's best airport in the annual Skytrax World Airport Awards? On top of that...

More bicycles than people

Did you know there are more bicycles than people in the Netherlands?

Amsterdam is entirely built on long poles

Did you know that Amsterdam is entirely built on long poles hammered deep into the ground, otherwise the buildings would sink away in the...

Unlimited travel day ticket Amsterdam

Did you know that the GVB day ticket (€7.50) provides 24 hours of unlimited travel on all 15 tram routes, 41 bus routes and...