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Fierljeppen (‘far leaping’) in Friesland

Did you know that 'fierljeppen' (far leaping) originates with farmers who used poles to cross waterways that divided plots of land? Today fierljeppen is...
peewit eggs

Frisian tradition: finding peewit eggs

Did you know that it is a Frisian tradition to offer the first found lapwing egg to the Queen's Commissioner of Friesland? The northern...
Sloten Friesland

Annually 217 days with precipitation

Did you know that the Netherlands receives on average 766mm of precipitation annually? There are 217 days per year on which more than 0.1mm...

Blue road in Drachten

Did you know that 1km of road in Drachten was painted blue in 2007 to symbolise an old waterway that was paved over the...