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Chocolate festival in the heart of Amsterdam

Did you know that the taste of chocolate varies depends on where the cocoa comes from, just like cheese and wine? You can learn about this and more at 6th Chocoa Festival in Amsterdam.

Learn about the process from bean to bar, meet renowned chocolate makers and taste fine chocolates by chocolatiers from all around the world. There is a special focus on sustainability.

Around 8,500 visitors are expected in the weekend for two full days of tasting, presentations and 75 booths of the most sustainable quality chocolate makers.

Did you know that the historic Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam hosts a two day chocolate festival on 24 and 25 February? Sample fine chocolate, discover new flavors and learn about the process from cocoa bean to chocolate bar.
photo: Facebook/Chocoa

Sustainability of the cocoa chain

The chocolate festival in Amsterdam is part of Chocoa [pronunciation: cho-ko-wa]. Chocoa brings together chocolate lovers, traders and buyers, cocoa farmers, connoisseurs and chefs. The first three days (Wedneday to Friday) are focussed on professionals. From 21 to 23 February there are industry events such as a trade fair, master classes, conference and Chocolate Makers’ Forum and a chocolate network dinner at the Amsterdam Hilton.

There are still many challenges in the chocolate industry that need to be resolved. Chocolate is a product of pleasure but many cocoa farmers still live in poverty. Luckily, both the supply and demand demand for sustainable chocolate are increasing.

Chocoa wants consumers to understand that paying a fair price for good sustainable chocolate means a better wage for cocoa farmes and consequently a better cocoa production. By making the right chocolate choice, you can make the world a little bit better.


photo: Facebook/Chocoa

Cocoa in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the world’s biggest cocoa distribution center in the world. On top of that Amsterdam is a cradle for sustainable initiatives such as UTZ Certified and the Max Havelaar foundation (Fairtrade Netherlands).

The Cacaomuseum in Amsterdam hosts a small permanent exposition on the world of cocoa and chocolate. They also organize chocolate workshops, tastings and interactive lectures. The shop offers all kinds of high quality chocolate bars from across the world, as well as more unusual items such as cocoa sausages, chocolate cheese and cocoa vinaigrette. Henkjan Laats, the founder of the Cacaomuseum is a professional chef and specializes in cocoa and chocolate recipes, e.g. asparagus with chocolate dressing and lamb with lavender and white chocolate sauce. The entrance to the museum is free of charge. Location: Czaar Peterstraat 175, 1018 PK Amsterdam


Chocoa Festival 2018

Dates and times
Saturday 24 February 10.00-18.00
Sunday 25 February 10.00-18.00

Admission prices
Adults: online €17.00 / door price €19.00
Children (aged 6-17 years): online €10.00 / door price €11.00
Children under 4 years: free
Family ticket (two adults and two children): online €52.00 / door price €58.00
Group (four adults): online €66.00 / door price €70.00
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Beurs van Berlage
Damrak 243
1012 ZJ Amsterdam