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Bokkenpootjes: almond meringue sticks

Did you know that 'bokkenpootjes' are almond meringue sticks filled with butter icing and dipped in chocolate? The Dutch name means 'goat leg' and with...

Stroopwafel crumbs

Tip of the day: Addicted to stroopwafels? Try stroopwafel crumbs! These are leftovers from the cookie cutter and go nicely with the Dutch thrifty nature. Bags...

Tip for stroopwafel-lovers

Tip of the day: Place a stroopwafel on top of your cup and let the steam of your hot beverage soften the syruppy inside....
Bossche Bol

Bossche Bollen from Den Bosch

Did you know that Bossche Bollen are a delicacy from the city of Den Bosch? It is a profiterole filled with whipped cream and...

Vlaai: pastry tart from the southern province of Limburg

Did you know that 'vlaai' (pronounced as 'fly') is a typically pastry tart from the southern province of Limburg? Vlaai comes in many varieties; with...
Limburg vlaai

‘Vlaai’ for obedient drivers

Did you know that the next few weeks in certain urban residential areas in Limburg drivers will be rewarded by police with a 'vlaai'...

Bolus from Zeeland

Did you know that 'bolus' is a sweet cinnamon pastry originating from the province of Zeeland? The first bolus rolls were made by Jewish bakers...


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