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Van Gogh

206 paintings by Van Gogh in Amsterdam

Did you know that you can see 206 paintings by Vincent van Gogh in Amsterdam? Click below to book your instant e-ticket to skip the...
van Gogh tulip

Van Gogh never painted a single tulip in his life

Did you know that Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) never painted a single tulip in his life, but still there's a tulip named after the...
Het huishouden van Jan Steen

Lively and chaotic scene by Frans Hals

Did you know that many Jan Steen's paintings (1626-1679) bear references to old Dutch proverbs such as "Het huishouden van Jan Steen", meaning a...
Vincent van Gogh

Van Gogh’s language skills

Did you know that painter Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) not only spoke Dutch but also taught himself French and English?
Vermeer The girl with a pearl earring

Dutch Mona Lisa by Vermeer

Did you know that the painting 'The girl with a pearl earring' by Johannes Vermeer has an estimated value of €300,000,000? The painting is...
Van Gogh

Rediscovery of early work by Van Gogh

Did you know that a Dutch art dealer could not believe his luck when he rediscovered an early work by Vincent van Gogh? Van...
Van Gogh sunflowers

Van Gogh’s sunflowers around the world

Did you know that five of Vincent van Gogh's paintings of sunflowers can be found around the world in museums in Amsterdam, Munich, London,...
Gerrit Dou

Gerrit Dou’s 400th anniversary

Did you know that today it is 400 years ago that Dutch Golden Age painter Gerrit Dou was born? He was one of Rembrandt's...
painting: The Feast of Saint Nicholas by Jan Steen (c. 1668)

Sinterklaas treats in Jan Steen’s 17th century painting

Did you know that the famous Dutch painter Jan Steen already shows 'kruidnoten' (ginger nuts) in one of his paintings from 1668?
Brandweer Twente

Modern-day Nightwatch with Twente’s fire brigade

Did you know that part of Twente's fire brigade is portrayed as Rembrandt's Nightwatch? The commander is depicted as the central figure Captain Frans...