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floating cattle

Floating cows

Did you know that even cows are being transported by boat in Giethoorn?
giant pandas

Panda mania

Did you know that giant pandas Wu Wen and Xing Ya will be arriving at Schiphol Airport tonight? After 16 years of negotiations and...

Bokito: The most famous primate of the Netherlands

Did you know that silverback gorilla Bokito is celebrating his 20th birthday today? This 180kg alpha male made headlines worldwide in 2007 when he jumped...

Two giant pandas are coming to the Netherlands

Did you know that two giant pandas are coming to Ouwehands Zoo in the Netherlands? Worldwide there are only 17 zoos outside China that...
Artis Zoo

Artis: The oldest zoo in the Netherlands

Did you know that Artis is not only the oldest zoo in the Netherlands but also one of the oldest zoos of Europe? The zoo...

More than 600 wildlife crossings in the Netherlands

Did you know that wildlife bridges ('ecoduct' in Dutch) are designed to help animals like deers and wild boars safely cross busy highways? There...

Wolves return to the Netherlands

Did you know that the very first wolf in the Netherlands in over a century has been spotted several times during this sunny weekend? The...
peewit eggs

Frisian tradition: finding peewit eggs

Did you know that it is a Frisian tradition to offer the first found lapwing egg to the Queen's Commissioner of Friesland? The northern...
cow crossing

Beware! Another cow may cross over!

Did you know that cows in Voorst (near Apeldoorn) have their very own cow crossing so they can roam safely and without the farmer's assistance between...
dog tax

Dog tax

Did you know that all dog owners in the Netherlands have to pay dog tax? The amount is set by the municipality and additional...


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