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The longest continuous tulip route of the Netherlands

Did you know that Flevoland is the largest flower bulb region in the Netherlands? With more than 3,500 hectares of colorful bulb fields, the Netherlands’ youngest province is truly pleasing to the eye. The farming land on the former seabed of the Zuiderzee is among the most fertile land in Europe.

Various routes in the polders of Flevoland have been set out to enjoy the colorful sea of flowers by car, by bicycle or on foot. Discover the countryside around Dronten, Lelystad,  Zeewolde and Noordoostpolder and take part in the many activitites and events along the way.

Tulip related activities

Many activities and events take place during spring. A few examples:

Saturday 21 April 10.30
Recreational Tulip Run in Swifterbant
distances: 5km and 10km
all runners are rewarded with a bouquet of tulips after the run

Saturday 21 April 10.00-16.00
Open house tulip company Klink
workshop tulip painting, urban sketching
address: Reigerweg 14, 3897 LH Zeewolde

Saturday 28 April 13.15-16.15
Horse carriage ride
departure from Floraweg 6, 8312 RK Creil
price: €10 per person, reservation required

Saturday 28 April and Sunday 29 April 10.00-16.00
Open house fruit company M. Huijsmans
experience blossoming fruit trees, short guided tour, taste apples, pears and apple juice
address: Boudewijnlaan 18, 8251 RT Dronten

daily from Saturday 14 April to Saturday 5 May 10.00-16.00
Hanneke’s Picking Garden
take selfies between the tulips and pick your own bouquet
around 80,000 tulips in 250 different varieties
address: Ellerweg 18, 8256 RT Biddinghuizen

daily from Saturday 14 April to Sunday 6 May
Visit the Tulip Information Center
lots of background information and a tulip art exhibition
free entrance
address: Wrakkenpad 2, 8312 PW Creil

Download maps for tulip routes in Flevoland

Walking route
walking route Swifterband (short route 5.5km, long route 10km)

Bicycle routes
bicycle route Zeewolde (15km)
bicycle route Swifterbant (20km)
bicycle route Dronten (34km)
bicycle route Lelystad (34km)
bicycle route Noordoostpolder (38km)

Car routes
car route Swifterbant (29km)
car route Lelystad (49km)
car route Dronten (50km)
car route Zeewolde (67km)
car route Noordoostpolder (120km) Google Maps link

100th Anniversary of the Zuiderzee Act

This year’s theme for the Tulip Route Flevoland marks the 100th anniversary of the Zuiderzee Act.

On 14 June 1918 the Zuiderzee Act was passed by the Dutch government. The signing of the Zuiderzee Act was the kick off for implementing the plans designed by civil engineer Cornelis Lely. This was the start of the world’s largest hydraulic project ever: the Zuiderzee Works.

The Zuiderzee Works, a Dutch engineering system of dikes and water drainage works, enabled the Dutch to reclaim land from the sea.

Click here to read more about activities to mark the 100th anniversary of the Zuiderzee Act.

More info about tulips in Flevoland

Tulip Route Flevoland Saturday 14 April to Saturday 5 May 2018 www.tulpenrouteflevoland.nl

Tulip Festival Noordoostpolder Saturday 21 April to Sunday 6 May 2018 www.stepnop.nl/tulpenfestival


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