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Ballonfestival Grave

Hot air balloons dominating the skyline in the summertime

Did you know that you can see hot air balloons of all shapes and sizes take to the skies at several balloon festivals all...

Natural sand dunes far away from the beach

Did you know that you can hike natural dunes in the middle of the Netherlands, about 60km away from the sea?The open sand flats...

Stroopwafel Day in Gouda

Did you know that today is all about 'stroopwafels' in Gouda?Come to Gouda and enjoy free stroopwafels, take part in stroopwafel games, eat stroopwafel...

Guinness World Record for most people dry bobbing

Did you know that this Sunday koekcity Deventer attempts to break the Guinness World Record for most people dry bobbing ('koekhappen' in Dutch)?Sign up...
Sail Den Helder

Sail 2017 Den Helder

Did you know that some of the world's most beautiful tall ships will moor in the port of Den Helder from today till Sunday...
Baron 1898 dive coaster

Theme park Efteling 65th anniversary

Did you know that today is exactly 65 years ago that Efteling openend its doors?Since the opening in 1952 the magical theme park has...
giant pandas

Panda mania

Did you know that giant pandas Wu Wen and Xing Ya will be arriving at Schiphol Airport tonight? After 16 years of negotiations and...

Cherry blossom trees in Amsterdamse Bos

Did you know that Amsterdamse Bos is home to an orchard with 400 beautiful cherry blossom trees? Half of the trees have a Dutch...

Euromast in Rotterdam

Did you know that from the Euromast in Rotterdam you can not only see The Hague's skyline (20km away) but on clear days you...

Fairytale Gouda

Did you know that Gouda turns into a fairytale city tomorrow when the medieval town hall is illuminated by candles and the Christmas tree...


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