Winter Wonderland

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windmills Kinderdijk

Winter fun on frozen rivers, lakes and canals

Did you know that no less than an estimated 1,000,000 people enjoyed the Dutch frozen rivers, lakes and canals yesterday? Today may be the...
Sloten Friesland

Annually 217 days with precipitation

Did you know that the Netherlands receives on average 766mm of precipitation annually? There are 217 days per year on which more than 0.1mm...
windmill Zwammerdam

Late January and early February are the coldest time of the year

Did you know that if the Dutch cold spell continues, people will be able to ice skate on flooded fields and small lakes by...
ice hotel

The Netherlands’ first ice hotel

Did you know that the Netherlands' first ice hotel opened its doors yesterday? During the Ice Sculpture Festival (3 December - 29 January) in...