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One of the narrowest streets in the Netherlands

Did you know that Burg. Brouwerstraat in Garnwerd (Groningen) is one of the narrowest streets in the Netherlands?Although the street is 3 meters wide...
hanging kitchens

The Hanging Kitchens in Appingedam

Did you know that the Hanging Kitchens in Appingedam were built over the canal to spare room inside the centuries-old houses?This would also give...

Evacuations in Groningen due rising water levels

Did you know that in the next few hours there is a chance the dikes protecting a community in the northern province of Groningen...
Grand Hotel de Kromme Raake

The smallest hotel in the world

Did you know that the smallest hotel in the world opened its doors in 1989 in Eenrum, a little town north of Groningen? The tiny...

Going back in time in Bourtange

Did you know that Bourtange was created during the Eighty Years' War (1568-1648) when William I of Orange wanted to control the only road...


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